Scratch Card Games- another Hit in gaming Arena

Gaming and gaming has been associated with one another for a long time. In fact since ancient history these two are interconnected as quite often rival emperors used to decide the future course of action of their rivalry on the basis of several games. The one who win would seize former’s estate or any other thing. Similar is the concept now. But only with smart modifications!!

Earlier kingdoms were at stake and now money! Other than the online slots and pokies scratch card games are a new popular hit in the domain. You win or lose not on the basis of your capabilities or talent but on your luck and their (game planners) strategies. You only play the puppets in their hands and lose out all your money in buying those scratch cards. But before buying any such card have you ever thought of it logically?

Well yes, you are betting on something that is not in your hands. The game developers design these cards so strategically that you end up either in loss or in buying some more. It is a new way to extract your money in front of your eyes.

Be the man!

Nothing against women audience! By being a man I refer to believing in your capabilities and talent. Instead of wasting your hard earned money on such games why don’t you play games that do not require any kind of scratchies to be bought? There are innumerable options where you can refrain yourself from gaming in one way or the other.

What about the thrill then??”

Certainly! Thrill bought with huge amounts of money is worth it… isn’t it?? Those who enjoy thrill and adventure for free are fools. How would they know the pleasure of wasting one’s own money? Hey guys! Wake up now! Understand the sarcasm and identify who is making fun of whom?

You are the ones who are mocked at by the strategic game planners. Every time you lose in your game, they get a level higher in withdrawing money from you. You may find these games luring initially and even afterwards but this is what you are mistaking at. The game planners and developers know well to play with your psychology. They dominate your minds with their thoughtful games. So do not allow them to do so. Your psychology is only yours to handle, not theirs to manipulate. Therefore wake up!! Wake up before it is too late friends.

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